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Bubble-Gum Vending Machines

In 1888, an Adams' chewing gum called Tutti-Frutti became the first gum to be sold in a vending machine. The machines were located in a New York City subway station. The round candy coated gumball and gumball vending machines were introduced in 1907. And the rest, they say, is history!

A little later on, us enterprising little angels worked out that the plastic coins pilfered from the maths tray at school worked just like real money in the bubblegum machines of yesteryear. I can still feel the jaw ache now from those tough gobstoppers! Serves us right, really! Beech Nut Chewing Gum and Stimorol were popular with vending machines back in the 70s.

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28 January 2010

Do You Remember Bubble-Gum Vending Machines?

Do You Remember Bubble-Gum Vending Machines?

  • Anonymous user
    I'll never forget the gum machine I found outside a shop while on holiday in the early 80s. I put in my 2p (yes, it was THAT long ago!) and turned the handle, and two gum balls were deposited. I found that the handle could be turned again, and two more balls dropped (the mechanism must have been faulty). I ended up with a large bag full of bubble gum balls, all for two pence! I never did tell the person in the shop about his wonky machine!
    Can't believe these things're still around!