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  • Pedal Pushers
    Black satin ones with the matching waistcoat worn with a white frilly new romantic shirt, and gold braid hairband worn accross the forehead.Just before leaving the house, sprayed self generously with gold glitter.Ready to pose to tunes of Adam and the ants etc for the rest of the night!
  • Armchair Thriller
    Oh and rant over.....does anyone remember, 'The house that bled to death'. I remember the scene where someone wakes up in bed to see a pair of false teeth in a glass. I think the plotline was a couple living in a house with their children, attempting to pull off an insurance scam by reporting ghostly grizzly happenings but it all backfires. Oh i also remember taps being turned on and blood pouring out. cant remember if this was an armchair thriller, Tales of the unexpected or just a one off. Was of the same era ind ilk though.
  • Armchair Thriller
    i have been reading all the postings and am suprised and perplexed at some of the rantings! I remember watching the armchair thriller series as a kid, i was 10 in 79. Yes they were scary but in an inteligent and imaginative context. A lot was left to the viewers imagination, rather than actual visual violence and offences. Do the people who have left negative comments actually watch tv now, i wonder? Are they aware of what the kids of today are subgected to via the media.And then if they cant watch it on the tv, dvd, satelite, mobile phone etc, they can always re-inact violence on thier games consoles! Hence to say i loved the series, ive turned out to be a well rounded,law abiding individual who would much rather her children watch these imaginative programmes than the stuff they are drip fed in every shape and form, like it or not!nowdays.
  • Poison Perfume
    I made the mistake of being polite when my partner gave me this one christmas, saying i loved it. I got it every christmas, birthday, valentines day for a good few years later until i persuaded him that i prefered the cheaper body shops musk! Poisin was practicaly migrain inducing made me feel nauseous and you could still smell the stuff on yourself after a long soak in the bath. Ive still got a bottle thats almost full, i couldnt bring myself to throw it out and now have sniff every onece in a while to send me back to days of young love eightees exuberence and life before kids!
  • Mandate Aftershave
    I loved it, my first serious boyfriend wore it and 23 years later we are still together although i weened him of mandate it and he now wears the slightly more up market dior fareheight!
  • White stilettos
    sounds like we are all eightees teen victims of the fashion back then! But smile at the thought that our kids are now commiting the same crimes against fashion, as it all seems to be back in vogue! If only i had saved my bat wing airtex top, Pastel yellow pencil skirt and white stilletoes complete with anoyingly tapping segs nailed in the heels!
  • Toffos
    Oh my god..... Banana toffos yum. I remember Mint flavored toffees as well that were also yummy but i cant remember whether or not they were the toffo brand versions?

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