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Stimorol Gum

Stimorol was menthol-tasting gum. You could buy it in bulk via the bubble-gum vending machine outside most newsagents shop, for about 2p a packet!

Despite being a danish creation, launched in 1956, with its red, white and blue packaging and the fact gum has been a favourite with US soldiers for, like, forever, Stimorol has won popularity the world over. It was said to represent a 'taste of America' even. Its unique blend of mint and liqourice is as fresh as ever 50 years after our first taste. Since 1978, we've had a sugar-free version of Stimorol, and during the 90s we were treated to a host of different flavours - both minty and fruity. Since then, Stimorol as a company has been acquired by Cadbury's Schweppes.

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Do You Remember Stimorol Gum?

Do You Remember Stimorol Gum?

  • Anonymous user
    Yes I remember Stimorol very well. I was a salesman for Stimorol Norge for several years. Stimorol today is just a shadow of its orignial . I can remember the great war towards Wrigleys Exstra . The looser was Stimorol. Eivind J Norway