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  • The Dandy
    You seen what they've done to it and The Beano????
  • Blackjacks
    I'm surprised nobody demanded a name change as well as changing the mascot from the g******* to something else.
  • BT chat lines
    I didn't actually join these chatlines but I did hear they got quite a bad press. Th nearest I've gotten are internet forums.
  • United Biscuits
    the name predejudiced against Manchester City fans!
  • Quatro
    I can gaurantee that somewhere in a Yorkshire river there's probably an unopened can of this at the bottom. A guy I was in College flung it in. Wonder if it's still there?
  • TAB Clear
    Yeah. I remember this stuff being around during the 90s. My local offy used to flog it for 20p.
  • Bubble-Gum Vending Machines
    Can't believe these things're still around!

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