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  • Tizer
    Finally found a place to buy Tizer in Canada around 2006. It tasted great, just as I remembered it as a kid. My joy was shortlived, however, because after that they changed the recipe and now it's terrible. Flavour police caught up to them, eh?
  • Cherry B Drink
    Never tried Cherry B but around 1963 I had a cardboard 45 promo 45 with the jingle "Cherry B, Cherry B, Cherry B. It's the cherry drink with the zing, Zing, ZING. Cherry B, Cherry B, Cherry B. It's the cherry drink for me!"
  • Beech Nut Chewing Gum
    Some of the Beech Nut vending machines also had a section for YZ gum which had an owl logo (wise head). Same deal with a free one on the fourth.
  • Jubbly Frozen Drinks
    The tetrapacks came out around 1960 with a cartoon tv ad of kids with their cheeks puffing in and out as they sucked on the straws to the jingle "Lovely Jubbly, lovely Jubbly orange drink..." The newspapers put a dent in sales for a while when they published a report which said that the polythene liners might cause cancer
  • Bubble-Gum Vending Machines
    The machines in the 50s and 60s dispensed Beechnut gum and YZ gum in small packets of four pieces for a penny. Every fourth penny would get you an extra packet free. The YZ gum had an owl logo (wise head) and the ads had the jingle: "Buy some YZ chewing gum, smashing you'll agree, with the fourth you get one more, an extra YZ YZ freeeee!"