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  • Spa Drink / Seltzer
    I remember one that sounds similar to this, called New York Seltzer, which came in various flavours, and was quite nice. I only saw it briefly in the early 80s, and there was only one shop I knew that sold it!
  • Bubble-Gum Vending Machines
    I'll never forget the gum machine I found outside a shop while on holiday in the early 80s. I put in my 2p (yes, it was THAT long ago!) and turned the handle, and two gum balls were deposited. I found that the handle could be turned again, and two more balls dropped (the mechanism must have been faulty). I ended up with a large bag full of bubble gum balls, all for two pence! I never did tell the person in the shop about his wonky machine!
  • Wimpy
    They only seem to exist in London now. - nibs If you ever find yourself in the east of England, there's one in Lowestoft!
  • Bovril Crisps
    I've found one that's similar (emphasise the "similar" here) to the old Bovril crisps - Roast Ox crisps made by Real Crisps. Don't worry if you're veggie - There's no ox in them, so you won't be abusing your body or the world you live in!
  • Alphabet Candy
    There were two kinds of these - One recipe tasted of sugar but not much else, but the GOOD ones had more of a "tang" to them, and these were the ones I liked the best. Trouble was, both kinds looked identical, so it was hard to tell when you were in the sweet shop what type was in the jar!
  • Pot Noodle
    I loved these (a guilty pleasure, I know), but sadly the Health Police have taken the salt out of them, and they're really bland now. I miss the cheese and tomato flavour from the early 80s - that was my favourite!
  • Bovril Crisps
    Yes, I saw Counters on display in a shop I visited recently and couldn't believe my eyes! I haven't bought any yet, but that will soon change! As for Walkers "bringing back" Bovril crisps, I don't think it was them that made them. It might have been KP or Smiths, or something like that. Whatever the case, they need to make a comeback, and with Walkers being brand leader, they'd be the most likely to do so, though I fear they'd be just a "limited edition", like so many of the yumcious varieties that have disappeared as soon as they've arrived. Walkers, if you're reading, where are my barbecue chicken crisps? I've still got withdrawals!

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