Quash Squash

Quash Squash was out in the seventies and I remember having it in orange and pineapple flavours. I don't know if it came in any other flavours and think that it might be under the name "Jucee" now as it tastes very similar.

This Memory is looking a little short on nostalgia!
Have you got anything you could add?

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Do You Remember Quash Squash?

Do You Remember Quash Squash?

  • BILL on 2013-01-25 14:01:26
    i remember that if you kept the lid when the bottle was empty you could use it as an egg cup because it was about 2" big aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh such useless memories but still very fond ones
  • dc59 on 2010-10-09 19:47:35
    I loved the pineapple Quosh, the strawberry and tropical flavoured ones wouldn't look out of place in a chemistry lab or pharmacy-such was their brightness of colour!
  • Dave T on 2010-09-20 07:43:08
    I'm pretty sure the original Lava Lamps were made using Quosh bottles; the bottle had that same strange tapered shape.
  • Joeddy2475 on 2010-09-19 11:06:27
    Please bring back Jungle Juice!! It was the best!!
  • Mark on 2008-09-28 06:55:43
    'Quosh' was how it was spelled. I've seen episodes of the sitcom 'Open All Hours' in which you can see some bottles of Quosh on one of the shelves, and their unnaturally bright orange colour is really rather shocking by today's standards! Another brand I remember well is St Clements, which was one of the first of the "high juice" squashes, and one of the first to tone down the vivid colouring that was so often used in such drinks at the time.
  • floflump on 2007-10-02 23:29:01
    I have been looking eveeywhere for something that tastes the same as the green quash which was tropical flavour i miss it so much i wish someone wud bring it back please!!!!!!
  • vic on 2007-07-06 19:30:00
    Liked Quash, but it always used to make me wheeze and give me a sore throat if I drank it too fast. Some other squash drinks from the 80s used to have the same effect, though no squashes available now seem to. Wonder what was in that stuff?
  • Anonymous on 2007-06-25 21:06:13
    I have mourned the green quash for the past 20 years!!! It was sooooo nice! ,y auntie used to give it to me and brother when we went to stay at her house - we never had it at home (was it full of E numbers?) I sooo wish they would make it again - i dream about that flavour and there is nothing like it nowadays ( i know this because I have tried desperately to find something that might be the original drink with a new name!!Please someone bring it back!!!!
  • Anonymous on 2007-06-20 16:29:40
    Aww I used to love Quosh cordial. I remember drinking the green one which was nice.Don't know what flavour it was;maybe mixed fruit? But my favourite one was the Strawberry flavour! I'm pretty sure it was bad for you as it was bright red, and it looked radioactive!!!
  • Anonymous on 2007-03-23 11:53:12
    This juice was mum used to buy this for me..(from Victor Value)but only the green flavour which was called Jungle Juice-we used to call it catipillars blood, I grew up drinking this and wish i could still get it..i know i'd like it just as much even now.
  • Anonymous on 2007-01-27 11:17:17
    My mother went through a period in the late 70's /early 80's where she bought nothing but Quash squash !, I remember it being very sweet (escpecially the pineapple flavour) and very brightly coloured. It is still available under the name juicee but it doesn't taste the same, probably because some of the E numbers that used to be in original Quash are frowned upon now !