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  • Cadbury's Roses Tins
    Tesco's sell Roses in a tin, I bought one at the weekend :-) The bournvilles are in Heroes and it seems these only come in boxes now, not tins. I was over the moon when the coffee creams were phased out, as they were the closest thing to eating poo in my opinion! I wish they would get rid of the other creams as well-I'm sure Cadbury's did for a while.
  • Doll instant noodles
    Many a packet of Doll noodles was consumed when I was a young child in the 80's ,I had them regularly for dinner and my favourite flavour was mushroom (bottle green coloured packet). When I left home, one of the places I lived in was a bedsit where the kitchen was a biohazard- a toilet had less germs and was more hygienic in comparison! During that time, I lived on shop bought sandwiches, chip shop chips, occasional meals from the then outlaws and...Doll noodles! They came into their own and proved how instant they were-just add boiling water from a kettle and et voila, a meal in minutes! Given how many packets I've eaten over the years, I've never grown sick of them. Nowadays, I see them as comfort food and while Doll noodles are no more, Koka ones are similiar : much to my delight :-)
  • The Muppet Show
    'This is what we call THE MUPPET SHHHOOOWWWWW!' One of the best shows ever when I was a child, pure genuis! Sam the eagle and the blue saxophone player used to scare the poo out of me, but Miss Piggy was a legend.I remember copying her karate chop on boys that I didn't like with far less finesse and accuracy though! Who remembers the 'm'nah, m'nah' song?
  • The Adventures of Black Beauty
    Being horse mad at the time, this was must see TV for me and I can still hear the tune in my head.
  • Dick Turpin
    I too had a crush on Dick Turpin, or Dick Turnip as he was otherwise known by me!
  • Brum
    My children loved Brum and I bought a few videos that were watched to death.I remember Toyah Wilcox narrated it. When they changed the format to a more modern theme tune etc, Brum lost its magic-if it ain't broke, then don't fix it!
  • Mork and Mindy
    I loved M&M as a child, didn't he also used to say 'shazbat' or something like that?

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