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  • Anais Anais
    My mam went through a phase of buying me this at xmas when I was a teen right around the time of the dewberry fuzzy peach etc craze. I didn't mind it but do remember it hardly had any smell so I hardly ever used it!
  • Dewberry Perfume Oil
    All of my high school memories are accompanied by the lingering smell of Body Shop Dewberry. It was about 1990-1991. Dewberry was the most popular, but there was also a fairly big break off group of 'Fuzzy Peachers'.
  • Showaddywaddy
    I loved showaddywaddy, even though I was still in nappies. I think it was the coloured jackets...
  • Shakin' Stevens
    According to my mum, Shakin' Stevens was my first crush. When I was 5 I couldn't get enough of him and would run and kiss the telly whenever he was on. Thankfully I have no memory of this!
  • Ipsos
    Ipso boxes were compatable with lego. My bag of lego had half a dozen ipso boxes in there!
  • Vesta curries
    I saw a Vesta chow mein in Morrissons the other day.
  • Exclamation
    I had this perfume in gallons, but boy did it pong! Extremely vanillary if I remember. I made a statement without saying a word alright!

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