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  • Number 73
    “Hey you get ready get on your feet, get into gear and hit this street. “Hey you get ready it’s not too far you’re looking good just as you are.” What a theme song – it was almost like a form of rap and I even remember singing it over and over again at the time, like I was a young but tragically naive Eminem. Number 73 was perhaps my favourite TV programme when I was younger. There was something about the strangeness and anarchy of it that appealed to me. Maybe it was so anarchic because it was broadcast live – it was on Saturday mornings from 1982 to 1988. And the show had quite a few people you’d still recognize these days - Sandi Toksvig (From various Panel Shows), Neil Buchanan (From <a href="memory.php?memID=734">Art Attack!</a>), Andrea Arnold and Richard Waites. It was a different thing from the usual Saturday morning fodder – the show had actors in character as hosts, performing their own comedy storyline around the usual guests, music videos, competitions and cartoons. You could tell that a lot of the show was improvised, - apparently there was a whole week of rehearsals before the live broadcast on Saturday morning. That must have been stressful! Also, I realised recently that there are a lot of people who don’t know “Number 73” because it was broadcast only in the south of the UK, while the rest of the country continued to get Tiswas. Each episode ended with Ethel hosting the (daring, dazzling, death-defyingly dull, devastatingly dangerous, delectable, delicatestible, divinely decadent) Sandwich Quiz, a madcap general knowledge game pitting two of that week's guests against each other. It lasted until 1988 when a more traditional Saturday morning show called <a href="memory.php?memID=7809">Motormouth</a> started up (Which I couldn’t stand!) The Presenters of this were quite a few of the same people – and a few familiar faces: Tony Gregory, Neil Buchanan, Gaby Roslin and Caroline Hanson. Of course Gaby Roslyn went on to present the Big Breakfast with Chris Evans which was one of my favourite adult breakfast TV programmes!
  • Ghostbusters
    After watching this film several times, my friends and I decided to become Ghostbusters ourselves and spent numerous playtimes on the hunt for ghosts in the school playground. My best friend at the time, tried to convince me that he had actually seen a real ghost at home and that he had even collected some of its ectoplasm. The next day he bought in a little plastic bottle with some green slime in it that looked somewhat convincing but suspiciously smelled of shampoo.
  • Ghostbusters
    I went to see Ghostbusters for my 10th birthday. I took 3 mates, and we went to THE coldest, draughtiest cinema in the world. The pop was expensive and flat, the chocolate was a rip off, but it was by far the best evening I've ever had. The library ghost that went "Shhhhh" totally that freaked my mate out, Slimer careering towards Venkman in the hotel corridor and obviously the Marshmallow Man were totally unforgettable. Fave lines from the film...<br><br>Ray : " you smell something?"<br><br>Ray : "Hey, where'd these stairs go?"<br>Venkman : "They go up."<br><br>Still to this day, Ghostbusters is in my top 10 fave films ever, and one of the few I've re-bought on DVD.
  • Meritus Kitchen
    All i have left is a cup, but remember having plates too.
  • Cabana Bars
    I remember it had a pink part to it and there were two peices in the packet - ideal for sharing (yeah, right!).
  • Cabana Bars
    Cabana was a bar of coconut and cherry covered in milk chocolate. I remember the wrapper being in blue? with Cabanna in red writing. Not sure who made them but i wish they'd bring them back.
  • The Pogues
    I went to a Pogues concert in Manchester as they are my favourite group. Possibly their best song is Fairytale of New York with Kirsty McColl. They played Dirty old Town and the house rocked. There was just so much vibrancy and a general air of anticipation waiting for the group to come on and we weren't dissapointed. Although Shane McGowan has had problems in the past, he is as good a singer today as he was at the peak of his success.

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