Vice Versas

Vice Versas were the Minstrel-shaped sweets with either white chocolate on the outside and milk chocolate in the middle or vice versa! A good idea, and, I thought, a good taste. Another food product that mysteriously disappeared. Ooooh weird!

Jonathan Betts


Haven't seen vice versas for years. I used to love them. Sweets nowadays are rubbish. Bring back Vice Versas
Billy Barnes01-Feb-2010, 08:09:20 PM

OMG I had forgotten about these, they were awesome.
jadedoz26-Sep-2009, 10:53:32 AM

I used to love these, bring em back!
UrbanHippy02-Feb-2009, 01:27:10 PM

I loved Vice Versas, they used to be my favourite lunchtime sweet in secondary school. Why did these disappear!?
clairefruitbat19-Nov-2008, 10:21:35 PM

these were amazing. used to buy them all the time at school for 20p!
nikki_level2719-Oct-2008, 11:05:11 AM

I remember biting off half of the brown sweet and half of the white and sticking the opposite halves together and eating it. I wish you could still get them. :0(
madcat22-May-2007, 08:20:23 PM

Zap is still available, I think they sell them in Asda or Farmfoods!
Sarah17-May-2007, 12:52:00 PM

Mmm vice versas!! Gorgeous!! For the girl looking for feast ice-cream, they are still readily available, at least in Ireland anyway - presuming there is only one feast ice-cream - chocolate centre covered in chocolate ice-cream and surrounded in chocolate with crunchy nut pieces! They also have a mint version out here now! Yum!
kelso10-May-2007, 03:24:17 PM

Does anyone know if Zzap ice-cream is still available?*?. I am getting cravings for some. Some CLUES plse??
Monica29-Aug-2006, 03:57:48 PM

my mate found some in a vending machine at her uni, she cleared it out and we had a feast.... oh does anyone remember feast ice creams? mmm they were good!
sarah walker27-Jul-2006, 10:31:28 AM

I loved vice versas and also thought they had disappeared untill i popped into my local Woolworths a few weeks ago and was plesently supprised by the fact that they were still selling them!
sarah21-May-2005, 04:56:08 PM

whatever happened to galaxy counters. These sweets looked like minstrels but without the shell coating. Mm bring them back
caroline25-Mar-2005, 11:56:52 PM


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