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  • Vice Versas
    these were amazing. used to buy them all the time at school for 20p!
  • Brass Eye
    I just recently bought the series and special episode on dvd! its hilarious! especially how these daft celebrities are so gullible! Genius.
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark?
    i used to love watching it after school too! on ITV and on saturday mornings too. then as i got older my younger sister used to watch it, i think it used to be on at 6pm on nickelodeon. haha
  • Bubble Bobble
    You can play this for free online now. It was brilliant! i have the wee tune stuck in my head now.
  • Baby All Gone
    i loved the baby all gone! i can still remember the song! my baby all gone! you make it all gone! haha. what a doll :)
  • Cadbury's Wispa Bars
    I miss these so much! :( there are lots of sweets that used to be out years ago i miss! its rubbish!

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