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  • Cadbury's Fruit and Nut Advert
    Good memory, but the lyrics were Sun ripened raisens, plump and fruity, boy what a cutey.
  • Mojos
    BRING THEM BACK POUNDLAND! T_T I do rememeber these, kind of like Maroam chews right?
  • Candy cigarettes
    I do remeber these, very well as a matter of fact. See, when i was a kid their was two types, candy cigarettes that was sold in a normal cardboard box and were hard candy and the kind which were chocolate sticks covered in white paper that were sold in a cigarette style box, whci i liked the best. The chocolate ones were discontinued due to the similarity to cigarettes....which are still known as fags round these parts, political correctness be damned. Yet, I have never smoked, nor had any desire to smoke.