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Jimbo And The Jet Set (often shortened to simply Jimbo) was a British animated cartoon series in the 80s, featuring the adventures of a talking aeroplane. it originally ran for 25 episodes between 1985 and 1986.

The story behind the show is that Jimbo was originally intended to be a Jumbo Jet, but his designer couldn't tell the difference between inches and centimetres, resulting in his diminutive size. Aaaaaah!

The television series featured various talking airport ground vehicles (Tommy Tow-Truck, Claude Catering, Amanda Baggage, Phil the Fuel Truck, Sammy Steps and Harry Helicopter. Other plane characters appear from time to time, such as Old Timer, a Vickers Wellington bomber. The story is based at a fictional London Airport, under the command of an irate controller who frequently ends episodes screaming, "I want words with you, Jimbo!".

Some printed material and toy merchandise featured Gloria Gatwick, a female counterpart to Jimbo, but she did not appear in a speaking role within the TV episodes (save for one brief appearance in one episode, where she can be clearly seen from a top-viewed angle). Jimbo was made by the same people behind Penny Crayon and Family Ness, giving little boys something to watch.

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Do You Remember Jimbo?

Do You Remember Jimbo?

  • Anonymous user
    JIMBOOOOHHHH!!! CRASH! Good, had a cuddly Jimbo and read his adventures in "Buttons" (once, on a trip to America, he ate too much fast food and became too fat to fly home! Genius.). The Family Ness was better though.
  • Anonymous user
    It was also a cartoon strip in the Radio Times, which in those days had a special Children's Page.