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  • Look and Read
    Through The Dragon's Eye was a BBC Look and Read production, first aired on in 1989. It was said to bear some resemblance to the Chronicles of Narnia. The villain of Through the Dragon's Eye is called Charn, who bears the same name as a fictional land in The Magician's Nephew, one of the Chronicles of Narnia. Talking animals add to the Narnia resemblance, as does the fact that, like Narnia, Pelamar turns to children from Earth for aid in a time of great crisis. The story involves three children: Jenny, Amanda and Scott. They paint a mural on their school wall and then the dragon in the mural winks at them! They are consequently whizzed off to a land called Pelamar, where the dragon, named Gorwen, asks the children to help save the magical land. In order to save Pelamar, the children, with Gorwen's help, must recover the pieces of the Veetacore (the life source of Pelamar), which recently exploded; three of the pieces have been thrown into the distant land of Widge. Until they succeed, the land of Pelamar turns barren and its inhabitants start to fade. Charn, is the "Evil One". The instructions for the reconstruction of the Veetacore are written in a book, and the children must use their reading skills to help the Veetacore keepers - showing the young audience the importance of reading. The art of reading has been lost in Pelamar, but the Veetacore keepers do start learning to read as the series progresses. Although the show ends with the children returning to their school at the moment they left, the presence of their notebooks and three miniature versions of the Veetons they recovered proves that the experience was genuine.

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