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Penny Crayon

Penny Crayon was a children's television series that was produced for the BBC in the United Kingdom in 1989.

Penny Crayon was a schoolgirl who loved drawing. Wherever she went, she always carried her magic crayons. With these, whatever she drew came to life, whether it was a drawing on a wall or pavement, or a drawing on the inside of a whale's mouth! It usually caused trouble for her and her best friend Dennis, though... until the drawing was erased or washed away.

The 12 episodes of Penny Crayon was voiced by comedienne Su Pollard of Hi-de-Hi, and Dennis was voiced by Peter Hawkins. The actual programme was made by Maddocks Animation, which was also responsible for Jimbo and the Jet Set, and The Family-Ness.

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Do You Remember Penny Crayon?

Do You Remember Penny Crayon?

  • Anonymous user
    Sounds a bit like it was a rip-off of 'Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings', although I do remember Penny- she even LOOKED like Su Pollard! I believe that she also featured in a comic, but I can't recall which one.