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  • Free School Milk
    Interesting history. Hilariously, I was interrupted by a reminder about cookies!
  • Walnut Whips
    Very nice Nestle but please bring back the other flavours!
  • Terry's Moonlight chocolates
    Though I still like Roses. And Quality Street...actually they're ok now, just different. It is annoying for the consumer when classic recipes are changed. I'm only in this mood cause it's Jan and diet time!
  • Terry's Moonlight chocolates
    Oh, I could go through a box of those right now. And the even better Terry's Carousel, which I last saw about 1999 - assorted chocolates and candies all mixed in together - yellow jellies - vaniila fudge centre - creams...mmm. Now apparently gone. All the old chocolate assortments, from whatever manufacturer, either seem to be gone or completely ruined, all made to taste the same. All this rubbish about changing the "taste profile" and "reinterpreting" recipes.
  • Pot Noodle
    Pot Noodle, Pot Rice, Pot Casserole. And new Pot Spaghetti! All over pictures of builders working on a site. Came on during Children's ITV, in those days.
  • Sesame Street
    Ah, memories... I used to watch "Sesame Street" whenever I was on school holidays or off sick, right up to age eleven! It was almost worth getting ill for! What do I recall? Those terrific Charlie's restaurant sketches with Grover as the waiter. "Round and tasty in a bun, chips and pickle. Yum yum yum..." "I DO NOT HAVE BEADY EYES!" Some of the gags were way over the heads of pre-school. Also "The Wonderful World of T-Shirts", a superlative and perfectly-constructed sketch well worth looking for on YouTube. "Don't get emotional, sir!" The Honkers. And Dinger. The endless saga of Maria's pregnancy... ooh, education. Yeah, but get back to the Muppets please. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... 11, 12. Oscar the Grouch setting up a telephone switchboard outside his trash can in one episode so no one needed to talk to him. I'm getting like that. Throwing up once during the Subway Song, when I was off sick. Actually, there are maybe some memories we shouldn't share. It all started to go wrong after Jim Henson died. R&B theme tune and "social awareness". The street was repainted green about 1990ish and smartened up - you could always tell when they'd spliced an old sketch in because the street would change colour! Sad fact: The "Mom's tree is over there..." divorce newsflash/song was Jim Henson's last performance as the world's most famous frog.
  • Christmas
    Fave prezzies were Spectrum +2 computer and games on cassette (I had my Dad fixing it all up at 5am on Christmas Day!), Ghostbusters fire station, Turtles stuff and a DJ robot (remember them?) which moved its mouth in time to songs on its integral radio! My brilliant Mum did sausages, bacon rolls AND sausagemeat AND stuffing AND bread and cranberry sauce with the turkey! Try and find a restaurant that'll do that. We were (and are) churchgoers, so the day would start with morning service, where all the kids took their toys and there would always be a toy animal or remote-controlled truck racing up and down the aisles during the sermon! Happy days.