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Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

In short, this concert proved why Freddie Mercury was such an amazing singer, writer and performer and all the others on this show came in obvious second place. There were some good performances (George Michael, Daltrey, Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter, Def Leppard) but some obvious tat as well (e.g. Bowie's Lords Prayer, Extreme, Annie Lennox). The Guns N' Roses performance was a shameless piece of self-promotion. Watch it again and marvel at those appalling suits!

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Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert Last post by remember
07 July 2008

Do You Remember Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert?

Do You Remember Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert?

  • Anonymous user
    I'll give you G'nR and Extreme, but Annie Lennox is NOT "tat"!