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  • Kick Start
    And the waterfall, which had to be negotiated in both ascent and descent. I obviously led a sheltered life! Eddie LeJeune, where are you now?
  • Sade
    Sade. Live Aid. Unforgettable. Don't ask me what she sang though, my attention was diverted by her outfit. you never saw anything like that down the School Disco!
  • Nik Kershaw
    All Nik Kershaw fans should check out the book 'Lost in Music' by Giles Smith. It says it all really.
  • Madness
    A very, very underated band musically for anyone who's ever tried to play the songs. 'One Step Beyond' is probably one of the best debut albums ever IMO, I've never heard a better 'call to arms'. They weren't just a 'nutty' band either. Check out the track 'Razor Blade Alley' it's brilliant.
  • The Tube
    All of you with memories of The Tube should check out the DVD, best of The Tube Series 1. While it appeared incredibly hip at the time, it now looks incredibly amateurish. Not to put anyone off mind, the bands are still great but the presenting is dire. Still worth it for that great 80's music and fashion. And a time when the charts and TV's 4 channels were all encompassing of pop culture.
  • Toffos
    Banana Toffo's were the best. I don't eat toffee these days (years of 70's & 80's sweets have ruined my teeth) but I would go back for a banana Toffo I think. Just one!
  • Monster Munch
    I can't believe I used to eat these, I had a packet a few weeks ago and they were absolutely vile! Thank goodness for Kettle chips!

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