Collecting Erasers

During the 80s, as well as collecting scratch and sniff stickers, it was quite 'cool' to collect erasers. I had a wicked collection which included a hotdog with a white sash, a hamburger, which you could take apart, a playing card, tooth brush, bucket and spade. The list is long, but one thing that sticks in my mind is just how darn good they used to smell.

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Do You Remember Collecting Erasers?

Do You Remember Collecting Erasers?

  • Jubblyjue
    I recently bought over 200 from eBay. I managed to get some of my favourites including toothpaste, hotdog, hamburger, lipstick, cased hearts, lollipop and a mushroom. They have sadly lost that lush smell but you should really check them out in the 'vintage eraser' section on eBay for a trip down memory lane.
  • Aura
    I used to collect erasers, until I swapped them for candles which I still collect. I also collect crystal gems.
  • sandie76
    I had a small collection of erasers, my favourite one was a bottle of coke - which smelt like coke. Also loved all the little umberella, heart-shaped rubbers that came in little cases. We sometimes did swaps with friends if they had a rubber we fancied having.
  • Anonymous user
    Me too - I had shoeboxes full of erasers - all different shapes, sizes and yes, the smell was absolutely DIVINE - they don't seem to have them in shops anymore? I remember every school trip I went on, I would buy an eraser and bring it back for my brother!