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  • Lolo Ball / Pogo Ball
    I had a LoloBall - it was a red ball with an orange disc. I used to jump for hours - literally! We used to see who could last the longest and we'd use skipping rope too. God, I was a healthy kid!
  • Smiths Tubes
    I remember making whistling noises by blowing through the tubes - excellent playground fun!
  • Gino Ginelli
    Tutti Frutti - oh what a cutey!
  • Collecting Erasers
    Me too - I had shoeboxes full of erasers - all different shapes, sizes and yes, the smell was absolutely DIVINE - they don't seem to have them in shops anymore? I remember every school trip I went on, I would buy an eraser and bring it back for my brother!
  • Denim
    It was rank :(
  • Kia-Ora
    I'll be your dawg!
  • Don't Tip The Waiter!
    Excellent game - loved it :)

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