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  • Collecting Erasers
    I recently bought over 200 from eBay. I managed to get some of my favourites including toothpaste, hotdog, hamburger, lipstick, cased hearts, lollipop and a mushroom. They have sadly lost that lush smell but you should really check them out in the 'vintage eraser' section on eBay for a trip down memory lane.
  • Grolsch caps on shoes
    Large, clumpy black shoes with Grolsh bottle tops on them. Mmmmm, nice.
  • Madonna
    I loved Madonna in the 80s, well. idolised is more apt!!! I wore all the get up - lacy legging/ gloves, large mesh, luminous bow in my hair and of course the eye pencil dot above the lip for that 'fake mole' look
  • Scratch and sniff
    During the 80s scratch and sniff stickers were everywhere. They were small, circular stickers which had various scents when you scratched them, including grape, bubblegum, popcorn and, if you were really unlucky, a smelly old boot. They all displayed a jolly picture to give you a bit of warning, thankfully.
  • Foreign penpals
    I remember filling in those forms. I began penpaling with an Australian boy named Paul Thompson, everyone thought he was hot but I didn't like him as he had blonde hair. There is a pretty good website called interpals where you can find penpals from all over the world. I've met some wicked people on there, just watch out for the weirdoes!!!
  • BT chat lines
    God I remember it well. My mum and Dad owned a shop so each night I would spend an hour or two on chatline. I LOVED it!!! Till they got a £342.00 phone bill. man did I get my ass kicked.
  • Candy cigarettes
    God, I remember being able to buy a 1/4 of candy cigatrettes, the bag was huge, not the little white paper bags, the medium paper bags and only cost 20p.

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