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  • Shell Suits
    I went on and on about wanting a shell suit and eventually got one. It wasn't a well known brand name one so I was a bit embarrased by that, but it was black with yellow and green stripes over the front, arms and at the bottom of the trousers. Thought the jacket was quite smart, but rarely wore it as a two-piece. This was around 1989 I owned one. Don't think I've got any photos to cringe at.
  • My Little Pony
    My first MLP was Cotton Candy, me and my sister got one each before going on Brownie Camp. I also had Bubbles (sitting pony), Windy the unicorn, Peachy with the grooming parlour and butterscotch who came with the gymkanna set. My neighbour had the show stable and got the baby ponies complete with play-pens, bottles. Great memories playing with our ponies in the garden during the summer.
  • Mr Frosty!
    I had a Mr Frosty, got him for xmas one year. It wasn't easy making the ice into slush though. I got quite protective over it, and one time my younger cousin got hold of it, and opened one of my precious sachets, getting it all over my mum & dads landing carpet.
  • Little Professor Calculators
    I've still got mine too and it still works. Many hours of enjoyment from it.
  • Clip-on Koala
    I had one of these koala's in the mid-eighties. I got a pink clip-on (don't know what animal it's meant to be) in a party bag - I've still got it!
  • Care Bears
    I always wanted Birthday bear, but my Mum got me Wish Bear instead - which I was over-joyed with. I still have him 25 years on, keep promising my daughter I'll get him down from the loft. I've since bought her a Birthday bear and she has a couple of the new small poseable bears, which she loves.
  • Barbie
    I was more into Sindy, but I think that was my Mum's doing. I was really facinated by Barbie, so asked for a Crystal Barbie for my birthday, which I got - loved that doll.

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