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This was a Sci-Fi programme made in the early 1970's that was set in the distant future of 1980. The women had coloured hair and the computers all ran from an analogue tape.

Each week Earth was attacked by a number of UFO objects (resembling spinning tops)and each week they were defeated beyond comparison.

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Do You Remember UFO?

Do You Remember UFO?

  • adidas
    Currently being repeated on Freeview Legend channel in the Uk at the moment (Sept 2022)
  • MissConduct
    A bit of a variation/remake from the earlier puppetry magic that was Captain Scarlet. It was a decent show, not least for Ed Bishop as Ed Straker. But for me the real highlight was his wing-gull car - which looked super cool even by today's standards!
  • Gojira
    Some of the story lines were very grown up for a kid's TV show, such as when Straker had to choose between interceprting a UFO or getting vital medical supplies to save his son's life.
  • Anonymous user
    Wonderful Anderson program. Submarines that launched attack fighters; Moonbase with the lovely Gabrielle Drake as Gay Ellis, (sigh), in command, the usual hidden base, great models. What more could a kid want? Almost every week Earth was attacked by aliens wearing red space suits with helmets filled with green liquid and our heroes/heroines, saved the day. Great stuff. Some cast members went on to bigger things. One that springs to mind is George Cole, (Arthur Daley in Minder). I managed to persuade my wife to buy me the DVD set for my birthday; it brought back some great memories!