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  • Lost in Space
    I was never much a fan as a child, although I did dip my toe from time to time. The robot was pretty cool but quite dull at times; but Dr. Zachary Smith was the bees knees, purely because he was paranoid, delusional, OTT and one hell of a scaredy cat!
  • Yes Minister
    Without doubt one of the finest sitcoms ever written & performed! Admittedly the first season was a little bit ropey as I really didn't like that political aid of Hacker's (Weasle?). But it soon found its stride and is still a delight to watch.
  • Yes Prime Minister
    A natural progression from the terrific "Yes Minister" show. I am glad in a way it only lasted two seasons, probably due to Paul Eddington's rapid deterioration in his health in the mid to late 80s. But I also felt the show had become more than just a parody, but silly slapstick at times- not least with one episode where Sir Humphrey Appleby is hunting around Downing Street for his key, including climbing through windows! The less said about the appalling and totally unnecessary 2013 reboot the better!
  • The Goodies
    You could certainly see a lot of Monty Pythonesqueness (not a word, I know) running throughout this show, although if I am being honest I was never really much of a fan. But at least it was a very upbeat sitcom/sketch show - hence the name; and it is something that is sadly missing in contemporary shows where cynicism trumps slapstick.
  • White Horses
    Like so many other posters here, I can remember the theme tune & opening credits quite vividly. But don't ask me to remember a storyline or even a main character because I really can't! But I do recall this show was quite often shown during those long summer holidays, usually of a Saturday morning. And if it wasn't White Horses being broadcast it would be either Robinson Crusoe, or Belle & Sebastian. All of them foreign imports with some dodgy English dubbing, but they had great appeal on a young child's mind
  • UFO
    A bit of a variation/remake from the earlier puppetry magic that was Captain Scarlet. It was a decent show, not least for Ed Bishop as Ed Straker. But for me the real highlight was his wing-gull car - which looked super cool even by today's standards!
  • Randall and Hopkirk : Deceased
    Was a great show to my naive child's eyes; but watching the odd repeat nowadays, and I'm thinking "OMG, this really is poor!" - a show that really hasn't stood the test of time, compared to others from the same era.