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  • Lift Off With Ayshea
    @ Frostycat - Muriel Young produced Lift Off & the puppets went with her, so we're both right!
  • Alice
    Flo left and was replaced by Belle, then she left & Jolene replaced her in turn. There was a Dukes of Hazzard crossover when Boss Hogg & Enos guest-starred. Regular customers were Earl & Henry.
  • Jane's Addiction
    Their song Been Caught Stealin' was used in a film. Anyone remember which one?
  • Nesquick
    Does anyone remember the other flavours from the '70's? I'm sure there was raspberry, blackcurrant & mint (yes, mint!). There may have been more. Instead of today's plastic box with a rabbit character, in those days it came in a tin & had a little character called Mr Mix on the box.
  • Escape From Colditz
    I think my cousin had this. We used to play it at Christmas, but I was a bit young for it at the time. I'd love to get hold of it now.
  • Atari 800
    Star Raiders was one of the few games I ever had for it.
  • Sky
    Now available on DVD!

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