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OK so Thuderbirds are actually from the 60s - I know, I just thought I'd write about them because of the new Thunderbirds film and because they repeated the show right through the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Basically Thunderbirds was an action puppet show featuring Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon and Alan who all live on Tracy island. Together they formed "International Rescue", a kind of freelance emergency service who helped anyone in need.

Whenever an emergency call came in they would jump in to one of the Thunderbirds (various types of flying / swimming vehicles) and dash off to save the day.

Sometimes the five puppets and their Thunderbirds needed the help of the agent in England, Lady Penelope who would drive around town in a Barbie-pink six-wheeler Rolls Royce (do Rolls Royce still make them I wonder?).

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Do You Remember Thunderbirds?

Do You Remember Thunderbirds?

  • freddie
    It's all about thunderbird 4!
  • Anonymous user
    Interesting fact - my mother in law was 75% deaf however could hear Thunderbirds (and other older programs) because their diction was perfect. Had to use subtitles for modern programs as they no longer enunciate correctly
  • Anonymous user
    when i was young me and some others children had tea with the thunderbirds puppets back in the 1960 s i am trying to get a photo as i lost the one i had
  • Anonymous user
    Since I love Thunderbirds, was once nicknamed Lady Penelope and you've put a picture of Virgil, my favourite Thunderbird, on your site I am jumping at the chance to be memory number 1. I loved the series, for me it was kind of James Bond for children but where everything always ended happily - usually with a nice family get together back at Tracy Island. What a cool place to live. And the idea of the family gallery of protraits where the eyes flashed of the person trying to phone home. Yes a great show and as a child I didn't even seem to notice that the characters were puppets. Brilliant. The music was great too. Classic. Dun, dun....dun.. dun.. dun... DUN!