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  • Thunderbirds
    Interesting fact - my mother in law was 75% deaf however could hear Thunderbirds (and other older programs) because their diction was perfect. Had to use subtitles for modern programs as they no longer enunciate correctly
  • TV21
    The original premiered in 2065 beginning with Stingray, Fireball XL% and Lady Penelope. There was a comedy version of Supercar (not a patch on the TV comic version) and other stories such as Burke's Law all accessed via the TV 21 Time machine. Really loved this (especially when Thunderbirds joined a year later) Artwork and stories superb and very adult for the time. Captain Scarlet joined but eventually all good things came to an end and it was reborn as TV21 & Joe 90 (the issue shown above) - lasted 105 issues but all things that made it TV21 had gone by issue 40 so I moved to Countdown

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