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The Basil Brush Show

Basil Brush was a puppet fox who got his own TV show called er.. The Basil Brush Show. The format of the show usually involved Mr Roy, Mr Billy or Mr Howard trying to read a story whilst the mischievous fox would interrupt and misbehave. It was rare to hear more than a page of the story.

Basil Brush's humour worked on two levels - funny mischief would make the kids laugh and topical wisecracks would keep the adults amused (Boom Boom!)

Basil Brush later went on to appear on Crackerjack.

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Do You Remember The Basil Brush Show?

Do You Remember The Basil Brush Show?

  • Gojira
    The stories were Bulldog Basil, Buccaneer Basil & Blast-off Basil. Basil always enjoyed a drin kof Pokey-Pola.
  • Anonymous user
    ha ha ha BOOM BOOM!