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  • Royal Variety Performance
    God I remember this - in the 1960s my parents got really excited about it. In fact my mum would sit with the Radio Times open on her knee crossing off the acts as they came on, and giving us frequent bulletins of who we had yet to see. It was mildly entertaining for me when a ventriloquist act came on (like Lenny the Lion and Terry) or a magic act (such as David Nixon). Ah, those were the days, when we only had two channels to choose from. I think most of the country watched the Royal Variety show.
  • Roobarb
    What I remember most clearly about this was that the film was constantly jumping and vibrating- did your head in!
  • Crosswits
    I really liked this - I was quite food at it and actually applied to go on. They wrote to me and told me that they were cancelling it and did I fancy Catchphrase instead! At that time, the contestants on Catchphrase had to run down the stairs waving like cheerleaders at the beginning of the show. I said no, thank you very much!
  • The Sweet
    The weren’t The Sweet - they were called Sweet. I loved them in the 1970s. I went shopping for my mum and spent the change buying the single ‘Little Willy’. She was horrified because she thought it must be rude! Like littlepmt, I saw Brian Connolly in later years when he had literally to be carried onto the stage. He belted out all the old classics just the same. They defined my teenage years more than any other act. Fabulous.
  • Showaddywaddy
    Saw them at Hammersmith Odeon on 1977. Now that was a show! They were seriously rock’n’roll and we were dancing in the aisles. Saw them again in Skegness in the 1990s. What a difference. Still musically ok but they invited little kids up on stage, and passed themselves as a ‘family’ act. I suppose it had guaranteed their survival, but it was a far cry from their glory days. Now I hear that Dave Bartrum has left. They should retire gracefully.
  • Popswap magazine
    I loved this. As I remember it had lists of people in the back looking for penfriends. I wrote to a boy called Terry that I found in the pages of Popswap! It didn’t last long. We exchanged photos (always a mistake!) and that was that! Did live the mag for all the great pics of the glam-rock stars of the day.
  • Coronation Street
    I recently bought a selection of Corrie dvds from the 60s and 70s. They are magnificent, especially the ones from the 60s. You really care about the characters because they have normal human problems, not like today’s sensationalist storylines. Great acting too.