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  • Popswap magazine
    I loved this. As I remember it had lists of people in the back looking for penfriends. I wrote to a boy called Terry that I found in the pages of Popswap! It didn’t last long. We exchanged photos (always a mistake!) and that was that! Did live the mag for all the great pics of the glam-rock stars of the day.
  • Coronation Street
    I recently bought a selection of Corrie dvds from the 60s and 70s. They are magnificent, especially the ones from the 60s. You really care about the characters because they have normal human problems, not like today’s sensationalist storylines. Great acting too.
  • Spirograph
    Who didn't have this on the early 70s? Only deprived kids surely - I spent hours and hours with mine. The bos shown in this picture is a relatively modern one. I had the original with the fabulous Spirograph owl on the front which took ages to draw. I loved it.
  • mothers pride bread
    Lovely if you like eating buttered face flannels
  • Instant Whip
    Instant Whip goes far back into the early 60s when my mum gave it to me. When Angel Delight came out we seemed to move onto that, but the original Instant Whip was far superior in my opinion. Or maybe it's just because I associate it with my pre-school years.
  • Coty L'Aiment
    Cityboy, your memory struck such a chord with me. My gran had a box of Coty l'aimant talc on her dressing table way back in the 1960s. It had a big powder puff which she used to dab on my face and make me laugh. That smell will stay with me forever - she died in 2006 aged 99 abd nothing reminds me of her more than that perfume.
  • Tell Me
    We had this at home and if my parents were playing we had to do it properly. Once my elderly aunty played it with us. The letter came up 'P' and the question was 'what or who annoys you most?' Aunty cried 'peeing up the wall!' We almost passed out laughing! My mother was horrified. That's why I remember this game after nearly 50 years! A great little game - it was as good as you made it!