Texan Chocolate Bar

I can just about remember the dialogue from the whole advert. An animation of a cowboy who has been tied to a shooting post by Mexican militia. It went:

(Mexican): "A last request, Gringo?" (Gringo): "Guess I'll just finish this here Texan bar."

He takes so long to eat it that the Mexican soldiers/shooting squad all fall asleep and as he frees himself he says, "Everybody knows...Texan takes time... to chew."

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Do You Remember Texan Chocolate Bar?

Do You Remember Texan Chocolate Bar?

  • Anonymous user
    Crikey! I remember Taxan Bars! My brother and I went swimming once and afterwards we bought a bar from the vending machine which was broken - it promptly emptied out all its Texan bars and other stuff and me and my brother filled our swimming bags and legged it! Our dentist would have had a fit and our parents never knew either!
  • SteveAustin
    Thanks for re-igniting that memory: classic!
  • sickthings
    "Bite through the chocolate, ...and chew, ...reeeal slow"!