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  • Professor Branestawm
    The Professor Branestawm books did survive into the 70s. I remember buying one a week with my pocket money from my local bookshop until I had the full set.
  • Vesta curries
    You can get them in Poundland now
  • Texan Chocolate Bar
    "Bite through the chocolate, ...and chew, ...reeeal slow"!
  • Vesta curries
    OK, I ate the Vesta curry from Netto the other day. It was kinda like a chinese takeaway curry with dried up beef bits. Not too bad, but a takeaway would have been better. Made too much washing up for my liking!
  • Vesta curries
    I just bought a Vesta Curry and a Vesta Paella from Netto after being reminded about them on this site. Haven't tried them yet, I bet they are foul!
  • Skull
    Text based game? I had skull on the spectrum and it was a 3d maze game. You had to travel around the maze collecting things and finding your way out whle avoiding the skull.
  • Jet Set Willy
    After the bugs were fixed with pokes provided by 'Your Spectrum', I completed JSW many times. In the 80's, myself and several friends were jobless, we spent many a night in my council flat playing Speccy games. We used to time each other to see who could complete JSW fastest. I think it took around 3.5 hours. That included the extra room - 'April Showers' - added by typing in the code provided by 'Your Spectrum' magazine

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