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  • Rude Ralph
    I've still got my "Rude Ralph" though his eyeball hangs out permanently now as the string was over-pulled by one of my children. So he can't make his rude burping and throat-clearing sounds, though my son enjoyed teething on his nose sometimes. My son is now 19 years old, and Ralphie, well he's ...about 25 years now!! I'm not saying how old I am now though.
  • VCRs
    My big sister had a betamax around '83. Still teenagers then, me and my wife thought it was great getting to stay with my sister on Fridays and Saturdays, we'd go into town and get a couple of videos for the weekend. It was fun getting to choose what you wanted to watch instead of waiting for something decent to come on at the pictures. This obviously affescted the price of going to cinemas etc. All was fun, until my four-year-old nephew fed his toast to the video-player.
  • Edison Lighthouse
    Edison Lighthouse sung ' Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes' early 70's
  • Christie
    Christie sang'Yellow River' which I remember from the start of the 70's
  • Jacobs Club
    What about the early 70's advert with the song, 'If you like a lot of chocolate on yer biscuit, ...join our Club'?
  • Tooty Frooties
    I still love Tooty Frootys even at 45. Notice how small everything is these days - except the prices!!
  • Opportunity Knocks
    To Colin S. Cooper - I remember the boy drummer and his dad. They were 'Stephen Smith and Father' wonder if the boy thinks it's still cool to perform with 'is old dad!

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