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  • Tomorrow People
    Up there with Dr Who for getting you behind the sofa aged 7!
  • Raleigh Chopper
    Who remembers, coming to a sudden stop, sliding off the seat and landing squarely on the gear-shift? Those hidious minutes of innocent agony rolling around on the ground? Luckily no lasting damage was done & I now have 2 lovely boys of my own. My chopper eventualy died when I pulle my last wheelie, only to have the handle bars snap at the stem, with the front in the air! That landing was unpleasant too....
  • Sensible Children (public info film)
    "wanna see some puppies..". Charlie says:"never talk to strangers". Had the desired effect though!!
  • Texan Chocolate Bar
    Thanks for re-igniting that memory: classic!
  • Six Million Dollar Man
    my fav show of the 70's, loved it; used to re-enact the episode the next day with a girl across the street ,who played Jamie Summers to my Steve Austin.
  • Space 1999
    My 2nd best TV program of the 70's, brilliant!
  • Magpie
    "one for sorrow,two for joy,three for a girl and four for a boy, five for silver ,six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told: M, M, M, M, MAGPIE....!" Remember it now?

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