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Take Three Girls

Television series from the late 60' to the early 70's. This show was based around three single girls (Liza Goddard, Susan Jameson and Angela Down) living and sharing a flat in London in the swinging sixties and glam seventies.

Series 2 of the show brought two replacement actresses (Carolyn Seymour & Barra Grant) due to the departure of two of the originals. Series 3, (eleven years later) brought all the original girls together for a reunion, this show was called 'Take Three Women', this showed the girls at later stages in their lives.

The theme music to the series was 'Light Flight' by British rock group 'Pentangle'.

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Do You Remember Take Three Girls?

Do You Remember Take Three Girls?

  • acechadwick
    I know this is probably way too late but the song was "Night (Light?) Flight?" by Pentangle. You can find it on You tube
  • Anonymous user
    I believe this was aired in the early 70's. Fell in love with the nurse, 'Fionna'? But most of all would like to know the theme songs name.