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  • British Rail
    This advert prompted the old joke about the reasons behind bleak, cold, uncomfortable rail travel - "Its the age of the train" - boom boom.
  • Nimble bread
    Yes, the ballon carrying the model had 'Nimble' written on it. As she looked out over the basket another smaller balloon (carrying a loaf of Nimble bread floated into the scene.
  • The Green Cross Code Man
    Didn't the green cross code man go on to play Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies?
  • Clarks Shoes Advertisements
    I had a pair of wayfinder shoes but the compass fell out of the heel and made them really uncomfortable to wear. What a stupi place to keep a compass anyway!
  • your first record
    Telsar by the Tormadoes. Remember playing it time and again on my brother's Dansette potrable record player
  • Magic Robot
    My magic robot lost his pointer which rather spoiled the effect.
  • Dyno Mints
    I remember them. They were in a blue packet. They had the dhape of a trebor mint but my recollection was that they were oval not square..?

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