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Space 1999

Space: 1999 was a sci-fi show about Moonbase Alpha that was on Earth's moon. In 1999 a series of nuclear explosions blows the moon out of Earth's orbit and hurtling through space.

Space 1999 starred Barbara Bain and Martin Landau and lasted just two seasons. In the second season they added Catherine Schell as the shapeshifter Maya and Tony Anholt as Tony Verdeshi.

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Do You Remember Space 1999?

Do You Remember Space 1999?

  • MissConduct
    Never rated this - cheap and very cheerful, with the only standouts being the opening credits . Not one of Gerry's best "human" actor SF shows.
  • CrustyDustyFusty
    there was always that 'oooh what's Maya going to change into" ...once she'd done it, it was game over for the plot for me...
  • SteveAustin
    My 2nd best TV program of the 70's, brilliant!