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Rob Lowe

Ah, Rob Lowe! The brat-packer everyone fancied, with his perfect big hair and his reckless attitude.

Rob Lowe was best personified in his defining role as the rebel sax player in St Elmo's Fire. He seemed set for big things, before blowing it all by videoing himself having sex with two teenage - and therefore, in America, legally underage girls.

Rob Lowe played on his newly publicised dark side by corrupting James Spader in the movie "Bad Influence", before making something of a comeback in "The West Wing".

Displaying the career steering skills he'd become famous for, he quit "The West Wing" for TV stinker "The Lyon's Den".

Rob Lowe's appearances in films like "Wayne's World" and the "Austin Powers" films lampoon his smug yuppie image and show he has a sense of humour about himself.

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Do You Remember Rob Lowe?

Do You Remember Rob Lowe?

  • MissConduct
    Only decent acting performance as far as I'm concerned, was for his 3.5 season run in the rather excellent political tv drama "The West Wing" as Sam Seaborne. He was still a little wood and too pleased with himself even in that role, but he did have a more broader appeal.
  • Anonymous user
    Rob Lowe was a big hearthrob in the late 80s starring in roles in St. Elmo's Fire, Youngblood, and The Outsiders. He was big in magazines like Teen Beat.