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Murder She Wrote

All I can say about Murder She Wrote is never, ever go anywhere where Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury), the best selling crime writer from Cabot Cove, is. Be it quiet walks in the country or a writer's convention, someone will end up dead and the formidable Mrs Fletcher is always slap bang in the middle of it. And if she isn't she makes it her buisness to be.

Invariably she discovers the murder whilst making the doubting sheriff look incompetent in the process. All this whilst sharing numerous clam chowders with local Dr Haslett.

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Do You Remember Murder She Wrote?

Do You Remember Murder She Wrote?

  • LouiseOC
    i love it. jessica Fletcher's unruffled cAlm when presented with murder After murder is amazing, even when one of her friends is murdered (or turns out to be the murderer) she never turns a hair.
  • startrekker
    I love this show. I have great memories of it, and am watching it again on alibi. Angela Lansbury is a very talented lady.
  • Anonymous user
    Oh my god if Mrs Fletcher knocks on your door, put your house up for sale and leave the country. Interfering bizzy body old bat!