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  • Naked Video
    I have great memories of Rab C Nesbitt walking into the hospital with an axe in his head - hilarious!!
  • Murder She Wrote
    I love this show. I have great memories of it, and am watching it again on alibi. Angela Lansbury is a very talented lady.
  • Battlestar Gallactica
    I remember watching this on BBC2 with my father who enjoyed sci-fi like this. I loved the orchestral theme music but today when I hear it I usually get steamy eyed as this great show only lasted one season before it was canned. A crying shame, the spin-off 1980 is unfortunately rubbish, and made me cry too but for a completely different reason!!!
  • Galactica 1980
    Hate to say it, this show was crap! It used very little of the original cast and was mostly earthbound, not a patch on the original 1978 series of Battlestar Galactica. Only decent episode was The Return of Starbuck, the rest of it was rubbish!
  • Doctor Who
    I grew up with this show. My Mum used to tell me when I got older that I was terrifed of Daleks as a toddler! My Mum passed away last year, and I'll be forty this year and have loved this show since it's original BBC run. It is without doubt one of the very best shows the BBC has produced, and the new series is every bit as good as the original, long may it continue to be made.
  • Dallas
    Loved this show one of the best american soaps ever!! Dallas rocks!!

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