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  • Murder She Wrote
    i love it. jessica Fletcher's unruffled cAlm when presented with murder After murder is amazing, even when one of her friends is murdered (or turns out to be the murderer) she never turns a hair.
  • Barbie
    barbie hadn't really caught on here in a big way when I was a child, i had Sindys and so did most of my friends. i have got more interested in barbies in my old age, as they do so many ooaks (one of a kind) on ebay, which are really imaginative.
  • The Goodies
    More of a sitcom than a sketch show really. Some episodes have worn better than others, i still find the 'ecky thump' episode very funny for instance, and the 'Come dancing' one, among others.
  • Sindy
    i had several Sindys, I loved them. When I was a child, in the 60s, barbie hadn't made much of an impression here. I had the red car I remember, and later a Sindy house. i didn't keep mine, but since discovering ebay, i have recently acquired a collection of them, and a house for them to live in.
  • Animal Magic
    I loved it, i thought johnny Morris's voices were great. What fools they are at the BBc.
  • The Trap Door
    I loved trapdoor, used to watch it with my oldest son when he was small. No.2 son didn't like it, he found it scary, but no.3 son liked it. I still think it's pretty funny.
  • Crackerjack
    i ues to love it, especially the plays they did at the end.