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I LOVED this programme but I only liked it when Fred Dineage or Bunty(?) were answering the questions and puzzles because they were always funny. The other two blokes on the panel (who I think were both called Jack) always gave boring explanations about things I wasn't interested in like barges and electrical

In fact one of them went on to present THE most tedious programme about country pursuits and horse brasses etc. in fact I'm sure he must have been the inspiration for The Fast Show's Bob Fleming.

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Do You Remember How!?

Do You Remember How!?

  • Anonymous user
    Revived in 1990 as How 2 (listed separately).
  • DeLaCour
    Yeah I liked the fun things on it as well like how to make a square boiled egg or something pointless
  • Anonymous user
    Jack Hargreaves was the one who went on on to do out of town.Sadly, he died in the eighties I think. The other guy was Jon Miller.Bunty was replaced by Marion Davies. Great show!!