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  • Hair Crimper
    You used to have to go to larger branches of boots to buy these. Goths used crimp their hair as well male and female, usedt o watch the smoke rise from the hairspray burning
  • How!
    Yeah I liked the fun things on it as well like how to make a square boiled egg or something pointless
  • Wattoo Wattoo
    It always had the same ending, LOL. All his friends came down to help
  • Human League
    The girls couldn't dance unless they had their arms up in the air
  • Fame
    Remember the Track that went "here as I watch the ships go by..." when that teacher left. And the dude with the ginger hair couldn't sing for love nor money
  • Plasticraft
    My sister had one of these as she was far more sensible than me. She did make me a keyring with some shells and a bit of ern in it. The smell of the chemicals!!
  • Shaker Maker
    I had a Paddington bear one, I think they were made to shut the kids up after christmas

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