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Fame was the TV version of the Alan Parker film also called Fame, but this was an altogether more family friendly affair, although retaining many of the original cast.

Fame spawned several hit albums and live stage shows in the UK plus a regretable trend for wearing legwarmers among the nation's youth.

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Do You Remember Fame?

Do You Remember Fame?

  • DeLaCour
    Remember the Track that went "here as I watch the ships go by..." when that teacher left. And the dude with the ginger hair couldn't sing for love nor money
  • Anonymous user
    Do you remember how everyone joined in to the song being performed? The most memorable was probably 'High fidelity'. Suddenly the whole store is playing it! When have you ever met 2 or more musicians who either a) know a song properly or b) can agree on the key! This never happened to me ever, especially not in Newhouse Music on Linthorpe Road!