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Frank Cannon, private investigator, was played by William Conrad. At the end of every episode, he cooked a meal for his clients. The series was a Quinn Martin production.

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Do You Remember Cannon?

Do You Remember Cannon?

  • MissConduct
    I must have lived on a diet of 70s cop shows back in the day - Kojak (a show I soon got tired of); Ironside, Columbo, The Rockford Files (still my favourite); Starsky & Hutch and of course Cannon. Most of them very formulaic to the point where you could set your watch to when the PI, lawyer, cop would turn the tables and an arrest or conviction however unlikely the plot - you just kind of knew who the bad dude was. And Cannon was no different. But it was a fun 40 minutes viewing or so - usually of a Thursday or Saturday night; and since it was the 70s and its 3 channels there really wasn't that much in the way of choice. But Cannon was a highlight, probably because I liked William Conrad anyway,
  • Anonymous user
    Set in LA balding middle aged private detective Cannon chased the bad guys in his Continental made a change from Kojak who luvs you baldy