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Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler was one of those singers that you loved or hated. She sang in a deep voice, sported leathers and really rocked with tunes like "Faster Than the Speed of Night" and "Holding Out For a Hero". She had a lot of emotion in her rich voice which bubbled through the wonderfully operatic, "Total Eclipse of the Heart", presented a la Meat Loaf and the bouncy and wistful, "Lost in France".

Perhaps the best vehicle for her voice was, however, "It's a Heartache". Bonnie rocked the 70s and the early 80s in the UK!

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Do You Remember Bonnie Tyler?

Do You Remember Bonnie Tyler?

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    This welsh Diva's most famous hit is Total eclipse of the heart! Strong voice sex appeal She had everything going for her, she had several hit albums, one of which was a duet album with Meatloaf! Fab