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Battlestar Gallactica

Ah, Battlestar Galactica. I remember my mum taking me to see the movie at the cinema. I was a very small boy at the time. Being a small boy, I loved muffet, the robot Dagget. They couldn't have brought together a better cast, Lorne Greene as Commander Adama was excellent. Terry Carter as Col Tigh was also a favourite. But Starbuck and Appolo were the true heroes. The ships were fantastic. Particularly the Galactica herself. I have a Cylon Raider and a Viper sitting on my mantlepiece. There was talk of a second series. Apparently Sheba was to be killed off in the first episode, after her Viper is hit by a Cylon Raider during an attack on the Galactica. Athena, who I really had the hots for, was to be disfigured by a fire during the same attack. Perhaps just as well it never happened.

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Do You Remember Battlestar Gallactica?

Do You Remember Battlestar Gallactica?

  • startrekker
    I remember watching this on BBC2 with my father who enjoyed sci-fi like this. I loved the orchestral theme music but today when I hear it I usually get steamy eyed as this great show only lasted one season before it was canned. A crying shame, the spin-off 1980 is unfortunately rubbish, and made me cry too but for a completely different reason!!!
  • Anonymous user
    Memories of this come flooding back, not least because they remade it! - currently showing if you have a sky dish, complete with modern sound-and-picture-everything. The original though was fantastic, and I think can still stand the test of time - if anyone ever made a "retro" tv channel, I for one would be there watching Battlestar, CHiPS, etc etc!