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  • Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
    Recently remember going on a Battlestar Galactica fan site. One of the articles on it was about the evolution of the Viper. The original Viper was actually the Starfighter used by the Earth Defense Direcorate. Glen A Larson simply re used it when he did Buck Rogers. Just as well because I thought they were cool. Erin Gray was a bit young to be a Colonel, but definitely held my attention, for obvious reasons. As did Princess Ardala, for the same reason. Buck's alleged Kung Fu mastery was a bit dodgy, but I loved the show neverthless. It was indeed what a schoolboy wanted to see. Though I have to admit, having watched it again as an adult, I find Twiki intensely irritating. Still like Dr Theopolis though.
  • Battle of the Planets
    If I remember right, the ship was called the Phoenix.
  • Automan
    I used to love this show. It's a shame it's never been repeated. Liked the way he'd sometimes wear clothes to disguise what he really looked like and called himself "Otto Man"
  • Jaws
    Robert Shaw was brilliant in that film. So was the late Roy Scheider for that matter, "smile you son of a bitch." I couldn't watch it when it came out at the cinema because I was was too young. I did watch it on tv though. Didn't sleep for two days.
  • Enter the Dragon
    I initially hated this movie. It turned my dad into a fanatical Bruce Lee fan. Having been born a couple of weeks before Bruce's tragic death, daddy decided the perfect homage to his hero, was to pack his first born off to any martial art school he could find just as soon as was I was old enough. It started with Wado Ryu Karate, then came Ju Jitsu, then Muay Thai and now Jeet Kune Do, which Bruce created. That made dad really happy. How I resented going. All I ever wanted was a guitar. Now of course, I love the movie. I watch it regularly. Much to my own first born's annoyance.
  • Death On The Nile
    My best memory of this, is of a drunken Angela Lansbury calling Poirot, "Mr Porridge".
  • Condorman
    That was a good movie. I've got the theme tune to it playing in my head right now. Am I right in thinking Oliver Reed played a bad guy?

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