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Band Aid was Bob Geldof's idea along with Midge Ure to get 80's popstars and bands together to make a song called "Do They Know It's Christmas". All the profits from the sale of the single went to help with the poverty and starvation problems in Africa.

The single went to number one. Artists on the single include Bono, Boy George, David Bowie, Status Quo, Bananarama and many, many, more.

And following on from this Band Aid came the record breaking Live Aid concert in July '85 at Wembley Area London and simultaneously also in Philadelphia, America.

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Do You Remember Band Aid?

Do You Remember Band Aid?

  • Anonymous user
    I was only a few months away from leaving school as well- I think it reached no.1 in the Christmas of '84, before being knocked off the top slot by Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 'The Power Of Love'. I thought that Band Aid was a terrific idea, although I never liked Geldof himself- I never forgave him for saying that in comparison to the Ethiopian famine, the Holocaust was 'a tea party'. Band Aid did indeed raise a lot of vital funding for Ethiopia- it was also an excuse for a number of opinionated Gaelic pop stars to flex their egos.
  • Anonymous user
    I was in my last year of secondary school when Band Aid released Do They Know It's Christmas. Unknown to me at the time but I was watching TV and saw a piece of history in the making. I think we'll all remember Band Aid even when we're old and gray