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Ayds were slimming toffee cubes around in the 70s and early-80s. They were also hugely expensive! They came in chocolate, chocolate mint, caramel and butterscotch flavours. The toffee was supposed to help satisfy your cravings for something sweet long enough to keep you from raiding the fridge and eating higher-calorie items. It was all down to the active ingredient benzocaine, which later changed to phenylpropanolamine, presumably to reduce the sense of taste to reduce eating. not only did the ingredient change, but the slogan on the packaging was originally: 'Ayds Reducing Plan vitamin and mineral Candy' but this changed to the catchier 'appetite suppressant candy'.

Unfortunately for the company's marketing department, AIDS was starting to become a name known to the public and, well, that meant the end of Ayds. Even a name change to Aydslim didn't help.

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Do You Remember Ayds?

Do You Remember Ayds?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember thinking when AIDS started to become known that those things were doomed.
  • Anonymous user
    These were fantastic they really worked I lost 6 stone wih them. My young daughter used them .We thought she was anorexic as she didn't eat.Bring them back'I need to lose weight again.
  • jambo
    i remember my mam trying those & getting them cheap in the chemists because of the aids thing.....there is a early 1980s youtube video featuring the exact same chemists as i remember it looks like its the bloody 1950s..